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We are located in southern Greece in the Peloponnese, at the prefecture of Messinia, about an hour drive from the city of Kalamata and around 30 minutes from Kyparissia and Pylos, near the village of Marathopolis.

Coming from Athens, you take the National Highway E94 towards Korinthos. You then take the Highway E65 to Tripoli and from there you follow the signs to Kalamata. Then you take the Exit 16, towards Kyparissia / Pyrgos / Patra and you head towards Kyparissia on the E55.

You pass through the town of Kyparissia with direction to Filiatra. You go through Filiatra and you take the local road to Marathopolis. -After the replica of Eiffel Tower you keep straight and you follow the signs to Marathopolis / Pylos. After about 10 km and 1 km before reaching Marathopolis, you turn right at the sign of Esperides. We are at the end of the road (200m).

By car it takes around 3 hours and by bus is around 4 hours to the town of Gargaliani and from there to Marathopolis is about 6 km. For timetables of the regional intercity bus routes check out here.

If you travel between May and October it is possible to take a flight to Kalamata (KLX). From there you follow the signs towards Messini, you go through Kazarma and you turn right at the sign Vlachopoulo. Then you pass Chora, then Gargaliani and Marathopolis.

If travelling by boat to the Port of Patras, or landing to Araxos airport (GPA), you can take the E55 to Pyrgos / Olympia. Just before Pyrgos take direction Kyparissia.